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     Inspired by a fascination with yoga from the age of 9, when her great uncle chose to leave the business world to become one of the early yogis in this country, Molly has studied Yoga since the 70's and has been teaching since 1996.  Her early studies included years of focused training in the B.K.S. Iyengar tradition.  She has participated in dozens of retreats and teacher trainings taught by luminaries such as Patricia Walden, Felicity Greene, Erich Schiffmann, Rodney Yee and Donna Farhi.

     Mollys practice and teaching has evolved into a Hatha-centered orientation profoundly influenced by world-renowned teachers, Angela Farmer and Victor vanKooten.  She assists Angela in teaching many large womens Yoga retreats throughout the country including the Yogini Conference in Austin Texas and Kripalu Center in Massachusetts.  Yoga has offered Molly a deeper connection to herself and the world around and this is reflected in her teaching.

Classes with Molly
     Influenced by the distinctive and instinctive approach of Angela Farmer & Victor van Kooten, who understand yoga as a creative exploration and expression of enegy flowing through the body,
Molly’s classes allow students to become sensitized and open to these subtle, yet powerful energy channels.

     With this experience and understanding, students gain and evolve a strong foundation in asana, breath and meditation techniques, as tools to further explore the inner and outer “body-world”. Igniting the essential life force in every part of the body, our yoga practice unfolds as a living, breathing, non-static, sensual and joyful connection to and from oneself and the world around us.

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